PRO SUPER GEAR SAE:75W-90/80W-140 GL-5
PRO SUPER GEAR is a full synthetic(Ester+PAO) oil for heavy-duty or high performance applications gear oil. It is recommended for hypoid transmissions, hub reductions and differentials with or without ‘limited slip systems’ as used in modern cars. The smooth oil film has less change from low through temperature, which reduces the heavy shock -stressof transmission, and enhances shift feeling.
RACING GEAR is a gear oil based on the most advanced EP technology, especially developed for racing applications, where extreme loads and high temperatures occur. Racing gear contains EP additives, as well as rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, to protect gears and bearings operating under a wide variety of load/temperature conditions.
SUPER GEAR SAE:80W-90/85W-140 GL-5
SUPER GEAR contains additives for an optimum protection under heavy duty operating conditions and heavy shock loads. Because of the special friction characteristics, squeaking and/or vibrations are avoided. Moreover, the product has an excellent low temperature fluidity for an optimum performance during all seasons.